European Cancer Centers

European Cancer Centers develops specialized Cancer Centers that meet the highest international standards thanks to the expertise of the most distinguished European specialists.

Our aim is to develop poles of excellence which combine our health care services with prevention, education and research, in order to improve the quality of life of our patients and that of future generations.

Our vision :

1. Comprehensive Cancer Expertise :

The comprehensive expertise of European Cancer Centers enables it to manage all the stages of cancer treatment, through its high medical skills levels, its up-to-date facilities and equipment, its team made up of the best international oncologists and an efficient structure in which the quality and responsiveness of care can be optimized.

2. A Patient-Centered Approach :

European Cancer Centers innovates by placing the patient at the center of its operations :
  • Our Centers have been conceived to bring an innovative response to patients’ needs
  • Our quality assurance approach targets efficiency of treatment and the patient’s welfare
  • Our communication policy is based on transparency and raising awareness
  • Our architectural concept and our service offering are designed to respond to the expectations and specificities of our patients.

3. European Cancer Centers’ Seal of Approval :

The European Cancer Centers’ Seal of Approval reflects our commitment to our patients, the medical community and related institutions. Our goal is to introduce a new standard of quality in patient-relations management and to bolster cohesion and professionalism among our team.The Seal of Approval is based on the common values laid out in the European Cancer Centers’ Patient Charter.

4. Promoting Public Health and Human Development :

European Cancer Centers contributes to the betterment of public health and welfare throughout the world in the following ways :
  • By increasing availability of treatment : responding to the growing needs for cancer efforts worldwide
  • By enhancing cancer screening : reducing cancer mortality rates worldwide through innovative screening policies and programs such as Cancer Check-Up
  • By sharing skills and knowledge : providing professional training to health care workers, both in our Centers and in Europe thanks to partnerships with major cancer treatment centers
  • By informing the public : to strengthen public awareness and promote cancer prevention in partnership with actors in the cancer movement worldwide
  • By engaging in sustainable development : following HQE (High Environmental Quality) guidelines in the design of our Centers
  • By medical research : establishing clinical, epidemiological and basic research programs.