Scientific Committee

The European Cancer Centers’ Scientific Committee brings together a group of medical experts chosen for the excellence they have each demonstrated in the different specialties of oncology. The Scientific Committee works to set priorities in the following areas:

  • Treatment Strategies: the Scientific Committee takes part in formulating the treatment strategies to be implemented throughout European Cancer Centers’ facilities.
  • Research Strategies: the Scientific Committee participates in the evaluation and follow-up of European Cancer Centers’ projects concerning clinical, epidemiological and basic research.
  • Training Strategies: the Scientific Committee monitors the relevance and the effectiveness of training programs, implemented by European Cancer Centers and its partners, which lead to a qualification or diploma.

Members :

Matthieu Allez
Professor Matthieu Allez

Farhat Ben Ayed
Professor Farhat Ben Ayed

Dr. Emmanuelle J. Meuillet

Guy Sandjon
Docteur Guy Sandjon

Elisabete Weiderpass
Professor Elisabete Weiderpass Vainio